Thal Engineering Thermal Systems was established in 1996 with the signing of TAA (Technical Assistance Agreement) with DENSO Corporation, Japan (the second largest auto parts maker in the world) Read More

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About the Company:

Thal Engineering is renowned across the region as leading and competitive world class manufacturer of engineering products. At Thal Engineering, we manufacture an inclusive line of exact reproduction wiring harnesses, jumper cables, battery cables for all kinds of Classic cars, contemporary models of leading models, modified and even muscle Cars.

Since we are official suppliers to leading auto brands, all of our wiring harnesses are assembled up-to perfection to ensure a perfect fit. Our stiff Quality Control Standards make certain that the cable harness you are supplied are on top form and function with highest effectiveness.

In addition to serving as official supplier to leading brands like Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and many more, we also manufacture custom wire harness manufacturer and wiring assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well. Part of our market include: Automotive OEM, Classic car cables, Performance Automotive Aftermarket, Bus and Heavy Truck, Electronic Equipments, Aircrafts, Marine machines and Industrial markets.