At Thal Engineering, manufacturing is to produce latest technology products with quality and speed

Our manufacturing system is based on Japanese manufacturing practices & continuous improvement.

Throughout the production processes, Thal relies on latest state of the art equipments/ facilities n skilled manpower.

Kaizen means continuous improvement", and Thal's commitment to kaizen helps to provide high-quality products that meet and exceed our customers' needs.

Quality People, Quality Products

Employee development-has been one of Thal Engineering commitments since the establishment of the company.

We believe in the people who make our products, which is why we have training centers, on-job development and team activities that give our manufacturing employees an opportunity to make a difference.

Thal Engineering has advanced high-precision machineries, Tooling, Technical Assistance & Trainings to perform quality tests and checks throughout the production process from the support of our technical partner DENSO & Furukawa Japan.

Thermal Systems Production
Elecrtric Systems Production