The conglomerate that stands before you today, Thal Limited started its journey in 1966 as a humble jute mill and since then has diversified very successfully into an array of sectors over the course of these six decades.

Thal Limited’s footprint across engineering, jute products, paper, woven polypropylene and laminate sheets spans the cities of Karachi, Muzaffargarh, Hub and Gadoon in Pakistan.

Today, Thal Limited is a public listed entity registered on the Pakistan stock exchange. With over 5,000 employees across its three businesses, Thal Limited has a rich culture and vibrant legacy which enables us to enrich a better tomorrow for over one million customers each day.

The engineering segment is engaged in the manufacturing of automotive parts such as car air-conditioners, radiators, wiring systems and engine components. The packaging and building material & allied product segment manufactures, distributes and exports products of jute, paper, woven polypropylene and laminates. In the energy sector, we own two joint ventures – an indigenous coal mine which extracts and supplies coal to local power plants and a mine mouth power plant which supplies low cost base load power to the national grid.

Apart from these key operational areas, Thal Limited’s operating subsidiaries include Habib Metro Pakistan Pvt. Limited, Thal Boshoku Pakistan Pvt. Limited and Thal Power Pvt. Limited.

Thal Limited operates under the ambit of the prestigious House of Habib Group. Drawing from its subsidiaries and group heritage, House of Habib has been a business leader in Pakistan for over a century and known around the world for its dynamic holdings and operations across banking, automotive, engineering, building materials, packaging and real estate.