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Thal Engineering is a division of Thal Limited, a company listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange and part of the prestigious business group of Pakistan, House of Habib. With a rich legacy dating back to 1996, Thal Engineering has emerged as the foremost supplier of automotive parts in Pakistan, catering to the requirements of prominent players in the local automobile industry.

Thal Engineering, Auvitonics Limited, Agri-Autos, Thal Boshoku, and Toyota Indus Motor Company, these entities constitute the automotive segment within the prestigious House of Habib.

Committed to excellence and innovation, Thal Engineering is a reliable partner in driving the success of the automobile industry in Pakistan.

Thal Engineering is one of the very few IATF 16949 certified companies in Pakistan and has also been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


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Our Great Story

Thal engineering started its operation in 1996 with Auto Air Conditioners, and now it is the leading supplier of automotive parts in Pakistan, serving the needs of the local market of automobile industry. Through TAA (Technical Assistance Agreement) with Denso Corporation Japan in 1996, Furukawa Electric Company Japan in 2000, Yazaki Corporation in 2018, Kyungshin Korea in 2021 and THN Corporation in 2021 Thal Engineering has managed to diverse its portfolio from Thermal to Electrical to Engine components business. Thus, enabling it to introduce more products in its operations like HVAC, Radiators, Wire Harnesses, Condensers, Alternator, Starter etc.



We use state of the art equipment and latest technologies for our operational activities. Thal Engineering keeps safety of its employees at high priority therefore all the departments are HSE compliant and follows the essential safety rules and procedures for its employees and working procedures.


Who Works With Us

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Who Works With Us


Thal’s dedication and their reliability is highly satisfactory. Whenever, we think about QCDD (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Development) we found Thal as our premier supplier. They meet our diverse needs and ensure smooth production. They are aligned with our values, making them part of our success story. Your Content Goes Here

Thal’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their products. They not only meet our requirements but also match and maintain international standards. Their innovation and responsiveness make them a key player in our supply chain.

Thal Engineering ensure seamless production with quality parts. Their reliability and consistency in delivering dependable components is crucial for our bikes efficiency.

Thal consistently delivers parts, that guarantee optimal performance of our Toyota vehicles. With their commitment to precision, reliability, and timely product delivery, they play a crucial role in ensuring that our vehicles consistently meet and exceed Toyota’s high standards.We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Thal for their unwavering support, which ensures the smooth and seamless delivery of our vehicles to our valued customers.